Power Thoughts: Step Into Your God-Given Authority!

If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one thing, what you would say to yourself? If you could go and visit your future self, what message would you give yourself?


Emotionally Intelligence: How To Recognize and Manage Emotions Appropriately

For me, fear and anxiety have held me back too long. And these types of emotions tend to leave people feeling crippled, powerless, and hopeless. But, then I realized these emotions came from a place of my past that I needed to revisit to move past the hurdle that kept me from moving forward; I needed to get to the root of what was triggering those emotions in the first place. In addition, many other situations and challenges in our lives are not meant to paralyze us but to create an awareness of how devastating events can negatively impact and shape how we see ourselves, especially when we don’t consider nor recognize the potential God put inside of us to keep us moving forward instead of backward.